mp3: MVSCLES – sweet n sour

M|O|D makes the trap music of the future, but there can’t only be one type of music in the future.  With “sweet n sour”, friends of M|O|D, MVSCLES, have just invented a new type of future music.  The simple vocals in “sweet n sour” sound reminiscent of some type of campfire song you might have heard a camp counselor play you when you were a kid, but other than that “sweet n sour” is futuristic all the way.  With a looped synth pattern that suddenly explodes into a complete banger between short vocal lines and causes the listener to instantly put on their best screw face, “sweet n sour” sounds like what the camp counselors of the future will play to campers while sitting around a camp fire-shaped LED and looking up at the stars… from Mars.  The future is looking bright.



tccarr14mp3: MVSCLES – sweet n sour