mp3: Groundislava – TV Dream (ft. Clive Tanaka)

Once again, Groundislava has come through with the type of track that no one knew how much they all really wanted.  Instead of spreading electronic-goodness all over Jamie Foxx’s ‘Ode to the Drank’, ‘TV Dream’ has Groundislava crafting a blissfully auto-tuned piece of pop.  ‘TV Dream’ is the lead single off Groundislava’s upcoming Feel Me LP and part of his freshly released TV Dream EP.  Over the course of nearly 4 minutes, Groundislava and Clive Tanaka take us on a magical flying journey through a warped and modulated 80s new wave landscape.  Which is every bit as awesome it sounds.


pkelly94mp3: Groundislava – TV Dream (ft. Clive Tanaka)