mp3: Purity Ring – Fineshrine

I somehow managed to miss Purity Ring’s massively hyped single ‘Obedear’ until after the wave had subsided a bit, however, like most everyone else who listened to the track I was won over by their intoxicating sound.  Now the group has put out ‘Fineshrine’ and just like ‘Obedear’, the track is an experimental pop-track that is coated in equal amounts of pure pop sheen and atmospheric bliss.  Also just like ‘Obedear’, ‘Fineshrine’ is receiving huge amounts of well deserved hype and praise for it’s delightfully grotesque lyrics and contrasting carefree and light-hearted attitude.  If their upcoming album Shrines is able to recapture even more of this energy it is sure to be an awesome listen when it drops later in July.


pkelly94mp3: Purity Ring – Fineshrine