mp3: Chris Cohen – Caller No.99

When is comes to psyche rock and pop, my favorite outfits always seem to be solo projects (Atlas Sound, Ducktails, Julian Lynch) and that holds true with this new jam from Chris Cohen.  This kind of music is always hit or miss for me so it’s no surprise that Chris Cohen, who has worked with the likes of Deerhoof and Haunted Graffiti, is able to make a psyche pop hit.   Coming out of Captured Tracks, the same label that put out DIIV’s amazing new album, ‘Caller No.99’ is our first taste of Cohen’s upcoming Overgrown Patch and it leaves an awesome first impression.  ‘Caller No.99’ hits all the right marks with dreamy lyrics, an ambling pace and a gorgeous spider web mesh of guitar.  I’m not sure how an entire album of material like this would sound, but for now ‘Caller No.99’ is one of the better tracks I’ve heard in a while.


pkelly94mp3: Chris Cohen – Caller No.99