mp3: Aesop Rock – Pigs (Hanz Remix)

Hanz is back in the remix world, with a new remix of Aesop Rock’s personal anti-police anthem “Pigs”.  All of the sharp and heavy drums you expect from Hanz are here with an ominous synth melody in the background that perfectly complements Aesop Rock’s aggressive verses.  On top of all of this, Hanz even throws in a Beach Boys sample that throws the track into pure evil chaos in an awesome way.  This remix is the first taste Hanz is giving us of his upcoming sequel to one of the most impressive beat tapes I can think of (second only to Hanz’s Fire theif EP), Wealth Made Tension.  Stream the track below and be on the lookout for Wealth Made Tension Vol. 2 coming soon.



tccarr14mp3: Aesop Rock – Pigs (Hanz Remix)