mp3: RAJA – I’ve Been Falling

Lately, some electronic artists (think Shlohmo or Gold Panda) have been taking a much more organic approach to making music with a computer.  They are abandoning the harsh noises and hyper-organized ideas of past electronic music for more natural sounding noises and less-perfect structures.  RAJA has been doing this extremely well for the past few months.  With his “That Girl” edit he went to the point of almost fully abandoning the computer as an instrument, and although that did turn out very well, now he is back with a happy medium.  Throughout “I’ve Been Falling”, there is a constant soft-sounding synth chord progression that gives the song a full feel, while RAJA seamlessly incorporates an acoustic drum pattern that only adds to the feel of the song.  Stream and download below.


tccarr14mp3: RAJA – I’ve Been Falling