Video: Starlight Serenaders – Orange Wind

If you were to watch this video without any sound you wouldn’t be alone in assuming that Starlight Serenaders are a very druggy and sludgy metal band.  However, it is pleasantly surprising to find out that instead of sludge, the band makes music reminiscent of early Ducktails, Real Estate or even Pure X.  The video takes us on a magic carpet ride across trippy beaches and landscapes accompanied by the wordless and mellowed out stunner ‘Orange Wind’.  Although the track contains not much more than the occasional “aaaaaaaaaaah” from the band, the video description makes up for it describing that they “harness complete firmament atmosphere, invigorated since the crystals sunk with Atlantis and radiation was stored within the black rock” among other notable quotes.  I can’t imagine this will be the last we hear from Starlight Serenaders seeing as they have promised that “We are here to aid, We hail from future and past, We will not abandon you.”


pkelly94Video: Starlight Serenaders – Orange Wind