mp3: MΔRRI$ – Rashida Jones (LOLGURLZ Bootleg)

This track has been idling in my Soundcloud favorites list for a while, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I came to the epiphany that this song is perfect for this time of year, so I had to share it.  Something about the heavy, pitched 808 drums of MORRI$’ original track and the chopped up vocal samples and swelling synth arpeggios provided by LOLGURLZ make for the perfect soundtrack to skateboarding around town while wearing a bathing suit, just in case you come across an opportunity to go swimming.  If chillwave was the sound of the summer of 2009, then lets make future trap the sound of the summer of 2012 and beyond.  Who’s with me?


tccarr14mp3: MΔRRI$ – Rashida Jones (LOLGURLZ Bootleg)