mp3: Honeyslide – Sickly

One of our favorite upcoming UK artists (of the large influx of them in the first half of this year), Honeyslide, just let go this new track off of their upcoming EP.  “Sickly” sticks to the same grungy style that Honeyslide showed they could do so well in “Drippin'” and “I Do”, but this time the song is more slow-burning than ever.  “Sickly” chugs along for a dense and distortion heavy 6-minutes that manage to stay interesting for the entire duration with emotional vocals slathered in reverb and heavy chord changes.  It makes me happy to hear a band purvey the pre-basterdized grunge style so well almost two decades later, and overseas from where it originated.  Stream below…


tccarr14mp3: Honeyslide – Sickly