Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Splash

Sometime last year, before becoming one of the blogosphere’s indie-rock poster childs, Real Estate announced that drummer Etienne Duguay was no longer in the group.  Although I doubt many people were expecting to hear anything from him, he is back on his feet with Splash and it couldn’t be more different from his dreamy roots.  Splash is self-described as ”a New Age boy band playing transcendental boogie pop” and if their first single ‘Ever Before’ is any indication, that is the perfect explanation.  80s new wave has been a cornerstone of the indie-rock sound for a while now, however, I can’t think of any band recently that has dived into the sound so completely.  Probably second only to Ariel Pink’s ‘Round and Round’, ‘Ever Before’ is the best imitation of new wave I’ve heard in a while and it’s equal parts goofy and radical (which is probably exactly what they were going for).  It’s clear Splash is no Real Estate side project and they’re all the better for it.

Splash’s Soundcloud Page

Splash’s Twitter


mp3: Charles Murdoch – The Chains

Although there isn’t one clear influence or style that is dominating the music of Charles Murdoch, it’s all been pretty great so far and ‘The Chains’ is no different.  At this point the lines between electronic genres is becoming more and more blurred everyday and Charles Murdoch is supporting the genre cross-pollination with his music.  There is clearly some micro-house and even UK garage influence in ‘The Chains’ and the hybrid result is great.  I’m definitely getting a similar vibe to that Avalon Emerson track that I was digging earlier this year.


Video: Starlight Serenaders – Orange Wind

If you were to watch this video without any sound you wouldn’t be alone in assuming that Starlight Serenaders are a very druggy and sludgy metal band.  However, it is pleasantly surprising to find out that instead of sludge, the band makes music reminiscent of early Ducktails, Real Estate or even Pure X.  The video takes us on a magic carpet ride across trippy beaches and landscapes accompanied by the wordless and mellowed out stunner ‘Orange Wind’.  Although the track contains not much more than the occasional “aaaaaaaaaaah” from the band, the video description makes up for it describing that they “harness complete firmament atmosphere, invigorated since the crystals sunk with Atlantis and radiation was stored within the black rock” among other notable quotes.  I can’t imagine this will be the last we hear from Starlight Serenaders seeing as they have promised that “We are here to aid, We hail from future and past, We will not abandon you.”


mp3: MΔRRI$ – Rashida Jones (LOLGURLZ Bootleg)

This track has been idling in my Soundcloud favorites list for a while, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I came to the epiphany that this song is perfect for this time of year, so I had to share it.  Something about the heavy, pitched 808 drums of MORRI$’ original track and the chopped up vocal samples and swelling synth arpeggios provided by LOLGURLZ make for the perfect soundtrack to skateboarding around town while wearing a bathing suit, just in case you come across an opportunity to go swimming.  If chillwave was the sound of the summer of 2009, then lets make future trap the sound of the summer of 2012 and beyond.  Who’s with me?


mp3: Honeyslide – Sickly

One of our favorite upcoming UK artists (of the large influx of them in the first half of this year), Honeyslide, just let go this new track off of their upcoming EP.  “Sickly” sticks to the same grungy style that Honeyslide showed they could do so well in “Drippin’” and “I Do”, but this time the song is more slow-burning than ever.  “Sickly” chugs along for a dense and distortion heavy 6-minutes that manage to stay interesting for the entire duration with emotional vocals slathered in reverb and heavy chord changes.  It makes me happy to hear a band purvey the pre-basterdized grunge style so well almost two decades later, and overseas from where it originated.  Stream below…