mp3: Chris Villa- Δ (Prod. Chris Villa)

Out of all the rappers we’ve been able to follow on The Up-Turn, Chris Villa has possibly undergone the biggest growth as an mc.  When he first started collaborating for Hanz, I enjoyed his verses but thought that sometimes Hanz’s beats out shined Villa himself.  Pillage Vatican City proved that Villa is not only a good rapper, but one good enough to keep us interested without any features over an entire mixtape.  Now comes his self-produced ‘Δ’ and it’s probably his best release yet.  Over a mellowed-out boom bap beat featuring some Illmatic worthy piano, Villa lays down some dense and thoughtful verses that show improvements in lyrics, flow and confidence since the first we ever heard from him and that wasn’t even bad at all to begin with.


pkelly94mp3: Chris Villa- Δ (Prod. Chris Villa)