Mixtape: Joey Bada$$- 1999

Despite having what me and Terry have decided is our least favorite rapper name… ever, Joey Bada$$ is quickly becoming one of our favorite young talents.  Hailing from Brooklyn, Joey Bada$$ and his Pro-Era crew make NYC rap the way it should be made and are doing it better than it’s been done for a long time.  Although he already proved his skill with early videos and tracks, his debut mixtape 1999 shows off how deep the talent runs with Pro-Era.  Like most of the great rap crews, there isn’t any one easily identifiable quality that makes Pro-Era any different or stand out from all the others.  1999 is filled with weed references, anti-cop sentiments, boasting and even some tasteful politically charged commentary.  Their influences are pretty easy to spot, from the oddball eccentrics of The Pharcyde to their Wu-Tang tinged vibes.  However, Joey and Pro-Era manage to do everything right with their great taste for beats (mostly boom bap and even some MF DOOM and a Knxledge beat) their consistency in delivering quality and thoughtful verses.  Although 1999 is definitely Joey’s album, the entire crew is shown off throughout and they all even hop on ‘Suspect’ at the end of the mixtape.  Pro-Era has earned all the hype they’ve already gained and all the fame they are about to receive.

Download: Joey Bada$$- 1999


pkelly94Mixtape: Joey Bada$$- 1999