mp3: Four Tet- 128 Harps

We’re a bit late to the party on digging this new Four Tet leak, but to be fair I have been on the blogger equivalent of a wilderness retreat for the past few weeks without a good connection to any wi-fi.  I am safely back in a fast wi-fi zone and glad I am with music as good as ‘128 Harps’.  Just like his last release ‘Jupiters’, ‘128 Harps’ could be just a demo that he decided to throw up on soundcloud but it’s still better than 90% of what you’ll find out there.  Four Tet’s There Is Love in You demonstrated that among the leagues of sample-slingers he is king, and ‘128 Harps’ reminds us why.  Over a shuffling beat of plucked harps, Four Tet unleashes a flurry of a fast vocal sample that keeps the track from being yoga-appropriate ambient.


pkelly94mp3: Four Tet- 128 Harps