Mixtape: M|O|D – M|O|D III

After a couple of very nice singles, Boston’s best, the M|O|D boys are back in a blaze of glory with a brand spanking new mixtape, M|O|D III.  The compilation opens up with a track from Trap Arnold, flaunting some of the most glorious horns you will ever hear in a future trap beat, and only goes up hill from there.  M|O|D III is packed to the seams with meticulously crafted future trap beats with all of the quirky synth lines, and screwed vocal samples you have learned to expect from M|O|D.  For some reason the idea of five producers with similar styles simply teaming up to put out compilations hasn’t been done too much before, but I hope people learn from M|O|D and start that out as a trend because I’m loving the way its worked out for them.  You can stream the compilation via bandcamp below, then link to their bandcamp to support good music and buy the album for a cool $5, or link to their soundcloud to download it for free until Friday (June 8th)




tccarr14Mixtape: M|O|D – M|O|D III