Video / mp3: Flatbush Zombies – Face Off (L.S.Darko)

When Flatbush Zombies first blasted onto the blog rap scene with their video for “Thug Waffle”, I wasn’t so sure about them.  I liked the song, but it seemed like the Brooklyn Duo, one sporting a gold grill shaped like fangs, and the other blonde hair with a scraggly black beard, was focusing a little too much on image for me.  Since then, I’ve realized that by not being a fan of them because they look like the are focusing on their image too much is just a form of focusing on image too much myself.  This weekend, spurred by the zombie attack in Miami (The Up-Turn are big believers in the zombie apocalypse), they released a new track “Face Off” which is really really good.  “Face Off” has a fantastically simple and dark beat, and Meech (pictured above on the left side) absolutely tears the beat apart with two vicious verses that sound like he is ready to chew someone’s face off (get it?).  Stream and download below via Illroots.

UPDATE: Meech and Juice just released the video for the track which consists of Meech and a posse roaming around Brooklyn with 40’s, so hit the jump to watch that.


tccarr14Video / mp3: Flatbush Zombies – Face Off (L.S.Darko)