Video: Rejjie Snow- Meddling Loops (ft. Crave & Jesse James)

One of flaws of the blogosphere is that it can cause young artists to get swept up in a huge wave off hype and then receive immense amounts of backlash when they don’t live up to the expectations.  That same possibility was starting to become possible for Irish rapper Rejjie Snow who has built a huge following off only a few tracks, videos and demos. ‘Meddling Loops’ is the first official release we’ve heard from Rejjie since he was making music as Lecs Luther and it destroys any possibility that he doesn’t deserve the hype he’s built.  With UK rappers Jesse James and Crave, Rejjie unleashes a track and video that is simply filled with audio dopeness.  The three rappers all choose to go with laid back and word dense flows and each of them come with distinct and rich personalities (the same reason why their track ‘Trashy’ is so great).  It’s a good thing the video is here to illustrate some of the metaphors and imagery because between the three of them there is a lot to listen for here.


pkelly94Video: Rejjie Snow- Meddling Loops (ft. Crave & Jesse James)