Video: Joey Bada$$- Hardknock (ft. CJ Fly)

Sometimes we have to admit that we weren’t even close to the first bloggers to recognize the talent of an artist.  We really like staying on top of the hip-hop scene, yet we let rapper Joey Bada$$ and his Brooklyn-based Pro Era crew slip through but despite having some hipster self-afflicted shame, I still can’t deny just how good this guy is.  While A$AP Mob has already blown up repping NYC, their sound is routed in some southern and experimental hip-hop influences.  Pro Era is pure Brooklyn hip-hop done the only way it can be in 2012.  ‘Hardknock’ finds Joey Bada$$ at a decision point in his life and instead of preaching about his own beliefs, his lyrics focus on the uncertainty of his lifestyle “I want the gold chains and diamond rings, but I just can’t live my life like this”.


pkelly94Video: Joey Bada$$- Hardknock (ft. CJ Fly)