mp3: Indigo High- Eyes (prod. Chromadadata)

Most of the r&b that resulted from 2010’s wave of experimental r&b tended towards the introverted side.  Whether it was the drug ladden stories of The Weeknd, the weird loves of The Internet or the near shoegaze work of How to Dress Well, us hipsters have yet to embrace some light-hearted r&b.  While I’m not trying to say Indigo High is a game changer with her new track ‘Eyes’, there is something refreshingly straight forward and easy about the track.  Over a straight hip-hop beat and some piano chords Indigo High is able to effortlessly breaths out lyrics of love that is “fairly simple”.  It’s definitely not something to soundtrack a summer party, but it doesn’t make me want to stay in bed either.


pkelly94mp3: Indigo High- Eyes (prod. Chromadadata)