mp3: Broncho- I Don’t Really Want to Be Social

As much as I would like to pretend that the best music always comes from introspective weirdos and hipsters, sometimes great music comes from a bunch of bros jamming out together.  While they probably have yet to reach the same beer-guzzling, jock status as Guided By Voices, Broncho are not built like your average buzz band (note the bro in their name).  Their recording isn’t exactly lo-fi but it’s not at all clean either, instead they perform with the classic grit of rock’n’roll bands like The Stooges or even Television.  Their whole album Can’t Get Past The Lips is filled with Dazed and Confused soundtrack worthy jams and you can snag ‘I Don’t Really Want to Be Social’ below.


pkelly94mp3: Broncho- I Don’t Really Want to Be Social