Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Kings

Lately, the world of meticulous Soundcloud beatmakers has been accepting, and beginning to love the heavy, pitched 808 bass drums and rolling hi-hats of southern hip-hop more and more and more producers are building on the idea every day.  One of my favorite producers who is doing this right now is Kings out of Swindon, UK.  On “Lotus Flower In The Lake”, he takes a delicate loop of chords and manages to incorporate trap drums along with washboard percussion and subtle synths, while on “Astral Observatory” he shows his versatility by taking a more aggressive approach and making a beat that sounds like what the soundtrack to Castlevania might be if Waka Flocka Flame was a playable character and you could use a 9 as a weapon instead of a whip.  Below you can stream both “Astral Observatory” and “Lotus Flower In The Lake”, and link to Kings’ bandcamp page below that.



tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Kings