I found out something the other day that made me pretty happy.  Jamal Smith, the skateboarder known for absolutely destroying quarter pipes, dancing, and of course eating cereal makes beats under the Soundcloud alias Poptart Pete.  The best part is that Jamal Smith’s foray into the musical world is no Terry Kennedy tomfoolery, but actually very successful.  Poptart Pete’s sample-based beats are nicely textured with with drums that you can’t help but bob your head to and often include mellow organ or string samples.  I already thought that Jamal Smith was awesome in a bunch of different ways, so its nice to be able to just tack on musical talent to the list.  Stream two tracks below and link to his Soundcloud page below that.



mp3: Broncho- I Don’t Really Want to Be Social

As much as I would like to pretend that the best music always comes from introspective weirdos and hipsters, sometimes great music comes from a bunch of bros jamming out together.  While they probably have yet to reach the same beer-guzzling, jock status as Guided By Voices, Broncho are not built like your average buzz band (note the bro in their name).  Their recording isn’t exactly lo-fi but it’s not at all clean either, instead they perform with the classic grit of rock’n'roll bands like The Stooges or even Television.  Their whole album Can’t Get Past The Lips is filled with Dazed and Confused soundtrack worthy jams and you can snag ‘I Don’t Really Want to Be Social’ below.


mp3: How to Dress Well- Ocean Floor For Everything

In 2010, How to Dress Well was one of the leading artists in the resurgence of experimental r & b that won every bloggers hearts with purple-soaked tales of lust, drugs and hipstery things.  Becoming equally popular and notorious for his auto-tune rich vocal melodies, How to Dress Well has finally dropped some new material with his track ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’.  If you read on his website, How to Dress Well has a pretty emotionally charged story behind the track which only adds to the inherent beauty of ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’.  More noticeably, the track strips away the lo-fi-as-hell instrumentation that laced his previous material and it’s all for the better.  Excusing the auto-tune, there is nothing hiding the whale call-like melodies, which is good because he does a great job with them.


Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Kings

Lately, the world of meticulous Soundcloud beatmakers has been accepting, and beginning to love the heavy, pitched 808 bass drums and rolling hi-hats of southern hip-hop more and more and more producers are building on the idea every day.  One of my favorite producers who is doing this right now is Kings out of Swindon, UK.  On “Lotus Flower In The Lake”, he takes a delicate loop of chords and manages to incorporate trap drums along with washboard percussion and subtle synths, while on “Astral Observatory” he shows his versatility by taking a more aggressive approach and making a beat that sounds like what the soundtrack to Castlevania might be if Waka Flocka Flame was a playable character and you could use a 9 as a weapon instead of a whip.  Below you can stream both “Astral Observatory” and “Lotus Flower In The Lake”, and link to Kings’ bandcamp page below that.



Video: Jonti- Nightshift in Blue

Jonti’s ‘Nightshift in Blue’ is a dreamy and trippy stunner that deserves an equally dreamy and trippy video to accompany it.  Luckily trippy, dreamy and stunning is exactly what we get with this new video that mostly follows around Jonti as he wanders in a pink, furry suit. There isn’t much like this video which is perfect for ‘Nightshift in Blue’, because there isn’t much like that song either.