mp3: SBTRKT- Gamelena

SBTRKT is one of the biggest forces in bass music right now, so it’s no surprised that the producer-centric blogosphere is going crazy over his latest leak ‘Gamelena’.  Working more as an announcement that he’s working in the studio again than as a proper single, ‘Gamelena’ shows off some experimenting and tinkering coming from  SBTRKT.  With the bird chirps and the low croaking bass thrown in the mix, ‘Gamelena’ sounds like an electronic jungle at times… which is just as cool as it sounds.  If this track really is just a teaser to  what he has coming up, his next release is set to be great.


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Mixtape: Ace Mo- A Dream’s Depth

Ace Mo is the latest member of the experimental Makoshine collective to have his turn in the spot-light with his new EP A Dream’s Depth.  The release lives up to it’s name, acting as a sonic cloud pillow, of the memory foam variety, to rest my tired blogger ears.  The washed out sounds and soft textures coming through on this release sound somewhere in between the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack and what I would expect the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack to sound like when I’m dreaming.  That is to say, Ace Mo explores the dreamier and loftier side of electronic music while still rooting the tracks down so that they don’t fade into ambient obscurity.