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Daily Archives: 05/19/2012

When Jamie Foxx was making the pre-YOLO blackout anthem “Blame It”, I doubt he was intending it to have anything close to a personal, introverted vibe.  Fortunately, we have Groundislava to change it into that for us.  By pitching down the vocals a little bit, and creating a new understated back drop with simple production and beautiful melodies, Groundislava has turned every drunk girl of 2009’s favorite song into a beautifully dark and solemn ode.  If you haven’t yet wised up to Groundislava or WEDIDIT Collective (which includes Groundislava, Earnest Blount, Shlohmo, RL Grime, and Jonwayne among others) you are missing out on some of the best electronic music you will find in 2012.


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Tracks ‘Surf’ and ‘Sludge’ by Austin, Texas band Black Gum go perfectly together.  It’s probably not a coincidence that both song titles would become genres if you added “rock” to the end of them as ‘Surf’ and ‘Sludge’ together show off a unique sound coming from Black Gum.  ‘Surf’ sounds like a surf-rock tune from a group that has never actually hit the waves, while ‘Sludge’ sounds like a group that has too much pop-sensibility to write traditional sludge music… sort of like the soundtrack to someone surfing on an oil spill.  These tracks are gritty, dirty and definitely  catchy.


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