mp3: Black Manilla- England

Usually it’s ok to judge what sort of song to expect from the beginning of the track.  Black Manilla’s ‘England’ starts off with some bright guitar chords and sunny vocals, all signs pointing towards a nice, fast, potentially forgettable indie rock track.  One glance at the track length, which I’m sure everyone does before they’ll press play anyway, puts that assumption to rest.  ‘England’ is an 8-minute epic that bounces between plenty of rock sounds but mainly stays routed in punk and classic styles.  Black Manilla are able to put some bite into their tracks that would put most lo-fi groups to shame.  The instrumentalists flex some great soloing during the middle of the track where the guitarist finds all sorts of ways to bend his strings.  Sure, as a blogger I’m never against short tracks that are easy to type about it in a clean 4 sentences, but it’s nice to have big tracks like ‘England’ every once and a while.


pkelly94mp3: Black Manilla- England