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Daily Archives: 05/10/2012

Sometimes experimental musicians are too serious for their own good.  Somewhere between unlocking new dimensions of texture in sound and redefining the definition of noise, artists may lose the sense of fun that may have attracted them to music in the first place. Kallie Lampel of Tortilla Pass is not an artist that takes himself too seriously.  Maybe it’s just because he’s still a college student, but while making his own brand of experimental electronics he’s not afraid to name his tracks things like “Peanut Leap Cascade” or “OOOoooOOoo”.  This sense of lightheartedness can be heard in the undeniable fun of some of his tracks like the Gold Panda-esque “Luna Tribe” and the remix of Boards of Canada’s “Roygbiv”.  I had the chance to chat with Kallie and in between talking about Orange Juice and emoticons we covered his influences, hopes for Tortilla Pass and his sanctuary of like minded musicians at his school.  Read the entire interview below, left largely unedited…

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