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Daily Archives: 05/08/2012

Although there are many great producers and instrumental makers scattered around soundcloud, good rappers tend to be few and far between.  Luckily, I had the pleasure of stumbling over MapleSyrup’s music the other day.  Maple is an 18 year old rapper who relies very little on image (the only ones you can really find associated with him on the internet are mostly Dragon Ball Z screen shots) and very much on musical content.  Although MapleSyrup is definitely formidable on the mic, one of his talents that stands out the most to me is his ear for beats.  His sporadic soundcloud releases have beats from some awesome underground beat-makers (especially “This Song Is a Sandwich”), and on his mixtape SURP he collects beats from artists ranging from Clipse to Baths and Emay.  In the social networking age where half of a rapper’s potential is determined by internet presence, MapleSyrup is a well-needed breath of fresh air.  Stream “This Song Is a Sandwich” below and his mixtape SURP below that.


When I first listened to Four Tet’s latest jam ‘Jupiter’ it became clear why Four Tet is king of ambient beats and soundscapes.  While there are plenty of artists emulating music like this, Four Tet is able to make his music captivating, gorgeous and cathartic.  I would usually scoff at myself for using a word like cathartic to describe music but ‘Jupiter’ deserves words as big as its name.  ‘Jupiter’ is the kind of song that drops every once in a while that forces all bloggers to consult their thesauruses to come up with grand and bold words to try and convey how sweet the song is.  It’s simply pretty darn awesome.


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Khris P KReam has already earned himself praise as a producer, specifically for being one of the biggest talents working in the resurgence of trap that is coming out right now.  His newest mixtape, YES, has Khris stepping out from solely the role of producer as he takes to the mic to deliver some quality verses.  Khris’ rapping isn’t tailor made to blow your mind or make you change your perception on rap but it does the job flowing with the beats and sets a unique vibe for the album.  There aren’t many rappers pulling off making good music quite like Khris with his style tied closely to the same southern rap vibe that produced some of my least favorite rappers (I have to admit such jams like ‘Throw Some D’s’ have grown on me since middle school though… the beat is pretty sick).  For the best dirty southern rap mixtape this year check out YES.

Mixtape: Khris P KReam- YES


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