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Daily Archives: 05/06/2012

My opinion on every single Animal Collective song I have ever listened to has changed drastically as I’ve been able to spend more time with them (usually growing from “yeah I guess this is cool” to “mind blowing”), so while I’m writing this I completely am aware that anything I say now won’t be relevant in a few days.  Animal Collective have finally released the first taste of their follow up to 2009’s amazing releases Merriweather Post Pavillion and Fall Be Kind.  As expected, Animal Collective sound nothing like they did when we last heard them.  Instead, ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’ seem to borrow from all their past releases with an incredibly colorful and fun sound. ‘Honeycomb’, which has been a live mainstay for Animal Collective for a while, bounces around on Strawberry Jam weirdness with washes of Merriweather’s pure pop bliss while ‘Gotham’ is much more understated with touches of Feels noisiness.  The reason I can confidently say Animal Collective are my favorite band is because of how great they are at working across a spectrum of emotions and sounds, something that ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’ show off incredibly well.  Go pre-order the single from Domino and hit the link below for the stream.

Stream: Animal Collective- Honeycomb & Gotham


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For all the dance/electronic music out there getting love by blogs, not a lot of it would actually work incredibly well in any club environment.  While Ghibli probably won’t be the soundtrack to any club soon, his music does a great job riding the line between club and experimental music.  This affinity for sounds really comes through in Ghibli’s new tape Rare Pleasures which is out now on Crash Symbols.  From what I’ve listened through the clear standout is ‘Little Clique’ which builds off orchestral instrumentation into a fast-paced jam.  According to the description, Rare Pleasures is made entirely out of youtube samples and ‘Little Clique’ shows off exactly how that novelty doesn’t get in the way of the tracks being good.  If I hadn’t read that description, I honestly would have had no clue.  Stream ‘Little Clique’ below and get the entire tape at his bandcamp


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So far I’ve liked basically every track I’ve heard from Virginian beat-maker Tuamie, however, almost every track he has made has been under 2-minutes in length.  I was pretty surprised to see that Tuamie’s latest jam, ‘An order of extra loop’, comes in at over 3-minutes.  The track does exactly what its name suggests it should with the song settling into a repetitive loop based groove.  Basically the first minute of the entire track also consists of a pretty hilarious sample from this video.  As usual, Tuamie manages to come through with some of the best drum sounds across all of soundcloud.


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