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Daily Archives: 05/04/2012

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new material from our favorite Seattle indie-rock group Yuni in Taxco, and it appears the time has been put to good use.  The over six minute track, ‘Echoes’, is one of the most convincing tracks we’ve heard from Yuni to validate all the lofty claims we’ve already made about their music.  This is psychedelic rock done right.  It’s not over elaborate, mind bending or genre-smashing.  Instead, ‘Echoes’ is a pretty straight-forward jam that manages to be anything but conventional.  ‘Echoes’ is my first taste of their new album Prizes which drops physically in June but is streamable over at Havaii Records’ Bandcamp… I’m going to go listen to that.


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When TV Girl stormed the blog scene with their fantastic first single “If You Want It”, it seemed like a song the San Diego outfit would never be able to live up to.  Fortunately, TV Girl have stuck with it and have become one of my favorite and most consistent bands.  All of their EP‘s and Singles have maintained the same qualities that made “If You Want It” great while still always bringing fresh new qualities to their music.  Now they have finally dropped their first full length project in the form of a mixtape released on Heems’ record label, Greedhead, and the result is just as awesome as I had hoped. The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle will make a perfect soundtrack for all the barbeques and shenanigans we all hope to get into this summer, so download and sync to your iPod right away because you never know when it will come in handy, although it will probably be quite frequently.



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I’m not sure the last time I discovered a song so hard to describe yet so instantly appealing as ‘Fingernails’ by Field Dress.  The first thing I noticed about the song was the lead singer’s voice which is probably the closest I’ve ever heard a band coming to Animal Collective’s Avey Tare.  Then there was the bouncing bass that kept the song at an almost southern rock-like pace that I would expect to hear from bands like Alabama Shakes or My Morning Jacket.  I could go on describing how bits of the song remind me of other styles of music but the best way to experience ‘Fingernails’ is just to go ahead and listen because this song isn’t the type that should be pinned down in words.


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The latest entry in the always strong Art is Hard Records’ “Biweekly Pizza Club” is this fuzzy jam from the noise pop duo Playlounge.  ‘Boner Hit’ is a KEEL HER cover which is pretty interesting to hear considering that KEEL HER are a contemporary of bands like Playlounge.  While the original ‘Boner Hit’ was already lo-fi enough, Playlounge manage to slather another coat of the noise sounding much more like No Age than the girl-lead pop of KEEL HER.  More than anything, I’m really digging this track because it has introduced me to two equally awesome bands through their takes on the same song.


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