mp3: Robb Bank$ – Look Like Basquiat (Prod. Spaceghostpurrp)

Robb Bank$’s debut mixtape Calendars was a strong showing, but also set up a lot of barriers for him to overcome.  With tumblr being the primary medium of Bank$’s climb to internet pseudo-fame, all of his Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z references, and the two Clams Casino beats it was easy to overlook Robb’s skill and talent and listen to Calendars as a tumblr page in audio form.  The thing is, Robb Bank$ is actually much more than that.  He has an almost seamless flow, the intangible necessities of being a rapper, good lyrics, and a silky smooth and distinctive voice all at the ripe age of 17.  Now Bank$ is finally back with a fantastic original Spaceghostpurrp beat (who’s talent can also overshadowed by image) for a single that tears most of his previous catalog apart.  Robb Bank$ is clearly heavily instilled with current youth culture, which can make it difficult to take him seriously, but I hope with tracks like this people will see that he actually has a huge amount of talent and potential for longevity as well.

UPDATE: Stream and download the full almost 6 minute long song below.


mp3: Sacred Animals and Steffaloo- On Fire

When Steffaloo lends her vocals to a track, it usually turns out to be amazing.  Recent collaborations with Beat Culture and XXYYXX have been some of their best tracks to date and Steffaloo may have just helped Sacred Animals with their best track.  ’On Fire’ is, as expected, a slow burner with plenty of large, atmospheric synths and crooning vocals.  Steffaloo absolutely commands the track as her hushed vocals manage to sound strong and intense.  Her vocal style sounds perfect over the skuttering percussion and washing synths.  Stream and download ‘On Fire’ below…


mp3: White Arrows- Get Gone (Tribe of Zebras Remix)

Although it is raining outside today I have to realize that not everyone reading the blog will be somewhere rainy so I can’t spend all day listening to ambient, introspective, rainy music.  That realization is probably for the best when there is sunshine-soaked indie-rock to listen to like this White Arrows track freshly remixed by Tribe of Zebras.  ’Get Gone’ is already an infectious and upbeat track on its own, but Tribe of Zebras were able to saturate the song even further with good vibes and summertime happiness.  I could anyone deny a track tagged as ‘RAVEDANCERAVE’?