mp3: Disclosure- Control (ft. Ria Ritchie)

There are a lot of producers these days that could lay claim to the definitive song of the fantastic UK electronic music scene, however, most of them are going to have a hard time beating (puns) out this new jam from Disclosure.  ’Control’ manages to pack almost everything that is good about UK bass and dance music into a tightly packed 4 minutes.  Ria Ritchie provides stunning original vocals for the track which is a nice addition even if we all know the brothers could have found an equally alluring vocal sample to work with.  The Face EP drops June 4th.


mp3: Sunless ’97- Azul

Sunless ’97 has been building some steady buzz across the blogosphere since I first dug into their rich sound.  And while their new jam ‘Azul’ isn’t as instantly catchy as ‘Body Weather’ the slow-burner manages to recapture the same fresh sound that made them so irresistible in the first place.  With so many influences impacting bands like Sunless ’97 it is becoming increasingly hard to find a way to describe their sound without simply resorting to the label “experimental pop”.  But that is exactly what this is, pop music served the way hipsters like it: weird.


Video: Joey Bada$$- Hardknock (ft. CJ Fly)

Sometimes we have to admit that we weren’t even close to the first bloggers to recognize the talent of an artist.  We really like staying on top of the hip-hop scene, yet we let rapper Joey Bada$$ and his Brooklyn-based Pro Era crew slip through but despite having some hipster self-afflicted shame, I still can’t deny just how good this guy is.  While A$AP Mob has already blown up repping NYC, their sound is routed in some southern and experimental hip-hop influences.  Pro Era is pure Brooklyn hip-hop done the only way it can be in 2012.  ’Hardknock’ finds Joey Bada$$ at a decision point in his life and instead of preaching about his own beliefs, his lyrics focus on the uncertainty of his lifestyle “I want the gold chains and diamond rings, but I just can’t live my life like this”.


mp3: Indigo High- Eyes (prod. Chromadadata)

Most of the r&b that resulted from 2010′s wave of experimental r&b tended towards the introverted side.  Whether it was the drug ladden stories of The Weeknd, the weird loves of The Internet or the near shoegaze work of How to Dress Well, us hipsters have yet to embrace some light-hearted r&b.  While I’m not trying to say Indigo High is a game changer with her new track ‘Eyes’, there is something refreshingly straight forward and easy about the track.  Over a straight hip-hop beat and some piano chords Indigo High is able to effortlessly breaths out lyrics of love that is “fairly simple”.  It’s definitely not something to soundtrack a summer party, but it doesn’t make me want to stay in bed either.


mp3: Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once

Beat Culture staring introspectively and PK eating

If you thought Beat Culture has been on a tear for the last year and a half or so that he’s been making music, just wait until two weeks when he becomes a high school graduate.  To kick off the summer for us, Beat Culture has teamed up with Soundcloud producer Slow Magic to create a beautifully delicate song for us.  Not only does “Once”  perfectly layer pulsating synth chords with bouncing melodic bells, but it also incorporates a Beach Boys sample who were the masters of the summer song.  Beat Culture and Slow Magic have also allowed the song to be downloaded for free on Soundcloud so download it, put it on your ipod (or whatever you use) and listen to it while on sunset bikerides, at barbecues, etc.


Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Charles Murdoch

Brisbane based producer Charles Murdoch (pictured above broing out on a mountain) is not an artist you want to let slip into the depths of soundcloud’s massive pool of promising producers.  While I’m glad dope-wave never became anything more than a blogging inside joke, the music of Charles Murdoch would be right or anyone looking for the next big dope-waver to get some buzz.  Charles’ music is similar to the output of sample-twisting artists like xxyyxx, if you replace all the dark dub with some upbeat vibes.  I’ve listened through every track on his soundcloud and I can’t say much bad about any of his songs.

Charles Murdoch- Compatible Ohh Ohh:

Charles Murdoch- Ahama:


mp3: Beat Connection- The Palace Garden, 4AM

There is no point in ever trying to deny synth-pop anymore.  Everyone’s favorite folk singers probably aren’t going to trade in their guitars for ableton, but synth music is as ingrained into our culture as guitar music was in the 60s.  And it’s a good thing that synth-pop shows no signs of slowing down with bands as good as Beat Connection making summer ready tracks like ‘The Palace Garden, 4AM’.  Borrowing equal amounts from the blissful rush of Cut Copy and the dance-punk precision of LCD Soundsystem, ‘The Palace Garden, 4AM’ is probably the most fitting, buzzing summer jam to kick off the season right.