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Daily Archives: 04/27/2012

Gorgeous Bully’s ‘I’m A Little Worried’ is the exact kind of song I was hoping to find today.  Although I love uncovering up and coming beatmakers and producers on soundcloud, it’s nice to hear some strummed guitar and soft-spoken vocals.  Gorgeous Bully pull that all off nicely with their folky/poppy track ‘I’m A Little Worried’.  The track was featured on a compilation of 100 sunny lo-fi jams (and probably a ton of other sounds) from Beko that I’ll probably never have the time to listen all the way through.  Stream ‘I’m A Little Worried Below”…


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Of all the amazing lo-fi bands sprouting up in the UK right now, Splashh may just be my favorite.  If their track ‘Headspins’ didn’t already convince you, ‘All I Wanna Do’ is another sun-soaked slice of lo-fi punk with plenty of pop thrown in that should convert anyone to the Splashh fan club.  Regardless of what you think of the video (with the band do their best Strokes impression), Splashh writes great jams that send fuzzy sonic waves to our musical pleasure sensors.  Just try to resist not humming along with the chorus.


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