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Daily Archives: 04/25/2012

A nice, sweet love song courtesy of Bloomington based Hypocrite In A Hippy Crpyt.  Besides his renown for having one of the “best crappy ironic indie band names”, Hypocrite In A Hippy Crpyt has quite the knack for writing folky, poppy, lo-fi jams that would definitely please any fan of Avi Buffalo.  ‘Bits’ finds him crooning about young love between gorgeous guitar licks and not much else.  It’s music simplicity in its best form.


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Like all good beatmakers and producers these days, Tuamie is a soundcloud-based artist who has been putting out a steady stream of content on his account for a while now.  Tuamie’s beats are all routed in hip-hop but experiment with a lot of lo-fi noise work that give his music a distinctively home brewed feel.  Tuamie even took on  remixing Goodie Mob’s ‘Cell Therapy’ which he is releasing in parts.

Tuamie- Who I am to Tell You pt. 3 (Tuamified):

Tuamie has put out three beat tapes on his bandcamp and it is clear that his work keeps getting better and more refined.  He has clear reverence for a lot of southern hip-hop and some of his best material comes from his dedication towards maintaining a southern vibe.  Check out more Tuamie at his soundcloud

Tuamie- I To My Ting:


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