mp3: Monster Rally- Jaguar

Ambient and soundscape producers aren’t exactly hard to find these days with soundcloud making it possible for anyone with a music program to put together a collage of washing synths and upload it.  Monster Rally’s music isn’t going to get lost in that wave of minimally meditative music.  ’Jaguar’ is lush, rich in texture and definitely gorgeously distinctive.  It sounds like what I hope a wedding ceremony on the beaches of India might sound like or maybe the tune that is stuck in the Dahli Lama’s head all day.  Naturally, the music is actually coming from an incredibly talented producer based in Ohio.  ’Jaguar’ is our first taste of Monster Rally’s upcoming Beyond the Sea which is set to be a stunner.


Video: Mean Jeans- Anybody Out There

More bands need to have music videos like this.  Equal parts Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and ‘Another Girl Another Planet’, the music video for ‘Anybody Out There’ sold me on Mean Jeans before I had heard more than 10 seconds of their music.  Of course the song and video only got better as I watched more of the trio exploring space and partying with totally rad aliens.  Mean Jeans just put out On Mars on Green Noise Records.


mp3: Beat Culture – Useless

(Beat Culture and PK doing dude stuff)

The most recent track we heard from Beat Culture, “Slow Flight”, was a bit of a departure from his usual bright style, using more dark and turbulent sounds, and including a vocal part by Tyler Burton of vyxor.  As much as I enjoyed and was impressed by “Slow Flight”, “Useless” points back towards Beat Culture’s usual warm and dense sound and I’m loving it.  He has neatened up his sound a little bit with a cleaner mix, while still layering a multitude of different synth noises.  Also, Beat Culture’s sample chopping skills are better than ever.  Manipulating what sounds like only 2 or 3 second vocal sample, Beat Culture creates an almost flawless melody that stands completely on its own.  Beat Culture has a couple of upcoming releases planned, including an EP with Tree, so be on the lookout for him over the summer.