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Daily Archives: 04/14/2012

Tip Toes’ new Newphews EP is a stunning listen.  I didn’t expect much from the unassuming Delaware pop band, however, I was completely blown away by their fully realized and rich sound.  Tip Toes make lush, experimental pop that strikes the same emotional heart of quietly gorgeous records like Animal Collective’s Feels (one of my favorite albums).  An early standout from my listens so far is ‘Oh, Paradise’ which builds around ambient noise, fragile piano and hushed vocals into an exploding instrumental chorus.  I can only imagine that these tracks will continue to grow as I dive deeper into their lush, noisy bliss.  Stream and download the EP below…


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For better or for worse, good indie-pop has gotten much harder to find over the past few years.  The over saturation of the genre just around the end of the oughts left such a bad taste that it will probably be a while before hipsters can bop to well dressed artists making sweet pop tunes.  Yet, somehow, the unashamed pop of White Arrow’s ‘Fireworks Of The Sea’ is a refreshingly awesome jam.  It uses plenty of the worn out indie pop tricks with warm vocals, catchy guitar and washes of synths, yet everything comes together nicely.  ‘Fireworks Of The Sea’ is the kind of summer jam that I wouldn’t mind becoming a huge radio hit, while still knowing it will probably never be.


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