mp3: Bayatas- The Hand Effect & What is the Dream

Tree Hopping has gone and moved to Miami and changed his name to Bayatas with a fresh and refined sound.  Gabriel Berrios is still making loud and fast tropicalia infused-punk, however, these new tracks show the kind of growth that we hoped to hear from the artist. While before the lo-fi recording brought just as much bite (specifically in the chirping vocals) as it did warmth, the still very lo-fi recording sounds much more cared for.  One these two tracks, Bayatas showcases that his trimmed and refined his unique sound into something just as exciting while managing to be more listenable than before.  The tracks can be downloaded for free at his bandcamp and streamed below…


Video: BADBADNOTGOOD- UWM (ft. Leland Whitty)

If you look past their incredible talent instrumentally and ability to bring jazz to an all new generation, BADBADNOTGOOD are really just three guys who like to chill on the couch and eat cereal.  Nothing proves this more than the newest video for ‘UWM’ where the guys sit on their couch, listen to some music and eat some cereal.  They even invite their saxophonist friend Leland Whitty and some other dudes to the party.  If you haven’t already go listen to BBNG2.


mp3: Michael Art- Whoa (ft. Nicx)

One thing that’s become clear over the past few years of music from Cleveland rappers Michael Art and NicX is that above all else they are consistent and getting better.  Sure, their music isn’t filled with huge production, dynamics or call to arm choruses but they manage to focus on tight lyricism which is a good thing because they only keep getting sharper.  On ‘Whoa’, Michael Art and NicX do the tag-team routine trading 8-bars which suits both rappers quite well.  The talent is clearly all there in both of these rappers, so I hope that they keep on taking bigger risks and start making some big tracks.  For now, ‘Whoa’ is a pretty solid listen with all the potential a rapper needs to break out.

mp3: Whoa (ft. NicX)