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Daily Archives: 04/08/2012

It feels really weird to finally be posting this track.  I can genuinely say, without exaggerating that I have been waiting 3 years for this track to drop.  I really want to hate Jay Electronica for constantly hyping everyone up for nothing, but the music he makes with Just Blaze is just too good (the hilarious drunk tweets at Erykah Badu helped also though).  To be honest, I’m kind of expecting to not hear anything from Jay for at least a year or two after this, but hey, I’m just going to enjoy this right now.


In case you haven’t heard, Irish rapper Lecs Luther has changed his name to Rejjie Snow and is finally dropping some info on his highly anticipated Fish’n’Chips mixtape.  Although it is unclear whether the title of this track is the actual title of just a way to raise awareness of his new twitter name, ‘@rejjiesnow’ is a short and sweet example of why Rejjie has built up such a huge following with having only released a few tracks.  Over an incredibly smooth and jazzy beat, Rejjie lays down a restrained and laid-back flow that is filled with the witty wordplay and strong lyricism that we’ve come to expect from the rapper.  The date ‘June 27th’ is included in the info of this track so we can only hope that Fish’n’Chips will drop then.  If all the tracks are strong as this than we have something amazing to look forward to.


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I have only recently picked up on the incredible producer that is Knxwledge, but I’m just glad I did now, because he is being extremely prolific as of late, releasing new short projects almost every other week.  His most recent one is karma.loops.prt.1 which he released on April Fools Day.  The short EP is jam packed with warped vinyl samples with a thick layer of static dust and classic boom-bap drums.  Knxwledge is really refreshing because while many internet rap producers in a similar vein to him can be easily compared to Flying Lotus’ work at some point, Knxwledge has his own clear lane of unique hip hop that he executes really well.  You can stream karma.loops.prt.1 below and download for $5 on his bandcamp. My favorite tracks include “FewDays[FueNytes]” and “Loavlee[fillngs]“.



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