mp3: Star Slinger – Bad Bitches (Feat. Stunnaman & Lil B)

I have to give it up to Star Slinger for using the credibility he has gained with his music over the past year to its full potential by putting together collaborations with rappers with great chemistry.  This time he got together 1/2 of The Pack, Lil B and Stunnaman, and unsurprisingly it works really well.  Star Slinger provides a quirky and interesting beat with a huge and hard-hitting percussion track as always, Stunnaman provides an awesome extended hook-like verse that sounds something like if Swizz Beats knew how to not completely embarrass himself every time he picks up a microphone, and Lil B finishes up the track with a classically lethargic based god verse.  Stream and download below…


mp3: Fletcher C. Johnson- Messin’ Up My Mind

Today’s sunshine-filled dose of garage rock comes from Brooklyn’s Fletcher C. Johnson.  ’Messin’ Up My Mind’ is well a produced slice of good vibes and sounds that only this kind of carefree garage rock can tap into.  This is the kind of music that inspires people to get convertibles and ride around with no destinations.  The incredibly catchy chorus sums up the track’s mood very nicely “Must have been messin’ up my mind / Must have been messin’ up my hair”.  Stream and download below..


mp3: Parisian- Audrey Horne

Of all the things musicians can do to instantly win me over with their music, referencing Twin Peaks is among the best.  With his track ‘Audrey Horne’, Parisian samples a few snippets from the legendary 90s TV show and does a great job a creating an unsettling yet gorgeous track that does justice to the Twin Peaks name.  ’Audrey Horne’ is only one taste of Parisian’s new 7 track EP, Those Emotions Ran High.  The entire EP is packed with similarly great textures and sounds that will take just under 30 minutes to listen through.  The EP is a release most people should definitely check out and there is no reason why they shouldn’t… it’s free.  Stream ‘Audrey Horne’ and download Those Emotions Ran High below.

Download: Those Emotions Ran High