mp3: Jai Paul- Jasmine (demo)

The last time we heard new material from Jai Paul it was the instant classic ‘BTSTU’ which went on to be one of the year’s best tracks as well as a beat for Drake and then finally done justice to as a beat for Pusha T (in response to Drake).  Unlike most other producers that hit it big with a track on the internet, after ‘BTSTU’ made him huge, Jai Paul remained very quiet with no new material for almost an entire year.  That all changed today when Jai Paul dropped the demo for his track ‘Jasmine’.  Considering how much hype was built around ‘BTSTU’ and how Jai Paul made us all wait for such a long time to hear this, it goes without saying that ‘Jasmine’ has a lot to live up to.  While this is only a demo for the track, Jai Paul pulls of something as memorable yet completely different than what we’ve heard from him before.  ‘Jasmine’ employs some auto-tuned vocals and guitar lines that sound straight off Daft Punk’s Discovery and succeeds at making one of the most sensual songs I’ve heard in a long time.  The emotion and vibe coming from Jai Paul’s vocal delivery hits the same sort of pop gold as Thriller era Michael Jackson.  Hopefully it won’t be 11 more months until we hear more material.


//The Up-Turn//

pkelly94mp3: Jai Paul- Jasmine (demo)