Mixtape: xxyyxx- xxyyxx

xxyyxx has been putting out a lot of great music lately, most of which has reached its download limit on soundcloud and is sadly only streamable.  Luckily xxyyxx has decided to do the right thing and compile most of his tracks into a tight 14-song album which can be downloaded at a ‘name your own price’ over at Relief in Abstract.  Over the course of the album, xxyyxx crafts atmospheric sample-based bliss that range from slow-burners like ‘TIED2U’ to the dubsteppy ‘Love Isn’t Made (ft. Steffaloo)’.  It’s clear that the witch house micro-craze of 2010 has had a positive influence on xxyyxx’s work as he’s able to pull off the sounds better than any project called ‘✞▽.Δ.37’ from that movement.  Stream xxyyxx below…


pkelly94Mixtape: xxyyxx- xxyyxx