Enjoy It While Its Fresh: Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$ is the newest young talent coming out of the East coast.  He is a 17-year old who splits time between Florida and New York and has an impressive handle on lyricism, flow, and confident personality that few rappers will ever develop.  Bank$ rocks an ODB-esque hair-do and does it justice because, like he points out on “Cadie / The Come Down”, while A$AP Rocky is “that pretty mothafucka” Robb Bank$ is “that gritty mothafucka”.  Overall Rob Bank$ is really interesting because though he often chooses to rap over cloud-rap ish beats similar to Main Attrakionz, while Main Attrakionz likes to rap loftily over a beat so as to add to the atmosphere, Bank$ prefers to tear through his beats with energetic precision and personality, and does it really well at that.  Below, you can link to download Robb Bank$’s extremely strong first mixtape Calendars, and hit the jump to hear his EP with Matt Meyer Lansky under the alias Tuesday Thru Sunday.

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tccarr14Enjoy It While Its Fresh: Robb Bank$