The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation with Hollow Pigeons

Only a few years ago it was still rare for people under the age of 20 to get their music out there.  Sure we’ve always had Britney Spears’, Jackson 5′s and Justin Bieber’s but for the past two years there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of music being heard coming from teenagers.  A few of the biggest indie musicians from this past year have been 17 year old Archy Marshall (King Krule) and the teenage dominated rap collective Odd Future.  With tools like ableton and fl studio, musicians of all ages can make music and this has clearly been to the benefit of the blogosphere.  Some of my personal favorite acts from this year include the 16 year old Florida duo Glamstick, 17 year old Beat Culture and 15 year old beat-maker Hollow Pigeons… oh, and of course Terry and I are only 17.  Last night, I chatted with Ryan of Hollow Pigeons and shared our common love for the PS1 jrpgs and about being an internet musician while being only 15.  As usual the chat was left largely unedited…

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Video: King Krule- The Noose of Jah City

King Krule’s ‘The Noose of Jah City’ is a stunning track.  Regardless of the dudes age, King Krule is making some of the most original and gorgeous music we’ve heard in a while.  The video for ‘The Noose of Jah City’ succeeds at capturing the dark, lonely mood of the track.  King Krule is out now via True Panther.