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Monthly Archives: October 2011

ASAP Rocky’s story is definitely one worth highlighting.  Not in the normal way you would expect a rapper to have an interesting story, that he faced a lot of adversity and sold a lot of crack or something, he probably did, but that’s not what I feel is so important about him.  What is so important is that in July he released a video that started quickly spreading around Tumblr, and by early October, he had signed a 3 million dollar record contract.  Now, alone this isn’t that amazing.  I mean, Kreayshawn did the same thing.  But the fact that not that many people are talking about it shows that the internet is still going full-throttle speeding up the career paths of artists faster now than ever.  Maybe that doesn’t interest you, but it interests me.  Anyways, I personally enjoy ASAP Rocky’s music, so I am looking forward to listening to this tape, how could you not with features from Main Attrakionz, Spaceghostpurrp, and Fat Tony, and production from Clams Casino and Beautiful Lou.  So you can stream the mixtape with a nice dollop of hype or download it below.  Enjoy.




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Hal Williams is the less visible half of the least visible component of Odd Future.  Tyler, The Creator sold 50,000 albums in the first week, and Hal uploads a stellar mini-album to soundcloud and gets 455 plays total, but I assure you, he is a member of Odd Future.  In fact, in my opinion one of the most talented members of Odd Future, if not the most talented member of Odd Future.  When people think of r&b and rap they rarely think of psychedelia.  Weed, alcohol, and crack sale quickly come to mind, but rarely do acid or mushrooms.  Pyramid Vritra is a strong outlier of this stereotype.  His uptempo, quirky, electronic beats sound like something aliens would listen to while they were tripping.  His music is futuristic sounding, while staying rooted in acoustic rhythms and melodies.  I have a feeling that Pyramid Vritra is simply ahead of his time, so hopefully, since he is still extremely young, he will get credit for his incredible music eventually.  Stream the Elenor mini-album below…


Although Tyler became famous because of his foul-mouth and willingness to say anything, it is his true musicianship that makes him one of the most innovative and strong figures in hip-hop today.  Tyler has always talked about his love of piano and jazz and with this video he finally gets to show off exactly how talented he is.  It is already very established that the members of BADBADNOTGOOD are amazing musicians and in this jam session Tyler is able to keep up with them without missing a beat.  At the end Tyler can’t even contain how happy he is for how awesome the session was.


For anyone who needs a house/trance track for their Halloween rager, Teeel has your back.  Teeel’s latest track, ‘The Lucania’, is a spook-tinged house track that works perfectly for the season.  The song never slows down for it’s dark three minutes and contains a lot of complexities that make it better than most electro being made today.  Stream and download below…


There isn’t much that I haven’t already said about the talent coming from Cleveland rapper NicX.  This new track, featuring the always strong Michael Art, is the latest leak from his upcoming project NicXNation which will be his first solo full-length.  The production is stellar on the track and a change from the usual electronic beats that NicX usually raps over.  Download below…

Download: Monsters in Arizona (ft. Michael Art)


ASAP Rocky just signed a 3-million dollar deal with Sony and is a prime example of how the industry is changing.  It was only a little while ago that ASAP Rocky first started building buzz with his track ‘Purple Swag’ and now the underground rapper is set to become one of the biggest faces in rap.  For anyone who is concerned what might happen to his sound, ‘Bass’ comes at a perfect time.  Produced by Clams Casino, ‘Bass’ has ASAP Rocky delivering some of his best verses over one of the best beats he’s rapped over.  ASAP Rocky is going to drop his long awaited mixtape LIVELOVEA$AP on halloween and I’m psyched to hear what he has in store.


When Danny Brown dropped XXX earlier this year he established himself as one of the most interesting rap projects making music today.  Since then he has been on a non-stop mission to kill ever track that he guests on including ‘Power’ and ‘The Last Huzzah!’ further securing his spot as a leader of underground rap.  Brown’s latest, and possibly best, release is this 10-track EP with producer Black Milk appropriately entitled Black and Brown.  Danny sounds fantastic of Black Milk’s beats which range from detroit soul to electro inspired and the few times when Black Milk steps on the mic come with some of the best lines of the EP.  With this great collaboration, Danny and Black Milk are doing everything they can to put Detroit back on the map.  Stream the EP below…



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