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Daily Archives: 09/27/2011

I was definitely late onto the Pusha T bandwagon having only discovered the Clipse masterpiece Hell Hath No Fury this summer, however, Pusha has since become one of my favorite lyricists.  Having recently collaborated with Kanye and Tyler, The Creator, it seems that Pusha is on track to reestablish himself as one of the best rappers today.  Pusha’s latest track, ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’, takes it’s beat from Jai Paul’s fantastic single ‘BTSTU’ and is an incredible addition to Pusha’s already fantastic 2011 releases.  Despite being a diss-track, ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’ has Pusha exercising a relaxed and controlled flow.  Stream and download the track below…


Out of all of the bands and artists we post on here, I can sincerely say that I don’t get excited for new music from very many artists as much as I do for TV Girl.  Ever since I first heard the San Diego-based duo’s music they had a fantastically unique sound for the indie world and they have been perfecting it ever since.  With their Benny and the Jets EP, they showed their ability to take retro sounds and give them new life that sounds modern without striping them of their nostalgia.  Girls Like Me isn’t based around any one retro artist, but definitely has a strong retro feel to it, and as on all TV Girl songs, has near-perfectly assembled drum tracks that are unmatched.  You can stream the 2-song single below and buy it digitally HERE or pre-order the vinyl HERE.



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