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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Although it didn’t blow me away when I first listened through, Ducktails’ 2011 release has become easily my favorite album of the year.  Each track is drenched in a perfect laid-back vibe and I have yet to get tired of the album during my incredible amount of replays.  The video for ‘Hamilton Road’ reconfirms everything that I love about the album, Matt Mondanile clearly had fun making this music and it shows.  During the clip Matt jams out with his friends, chills on a pile of mulch and eats a burrito… perfect.


Apart from his distinctive affinity towards wearing scarfs, Rostam has separated himself from fellow Vampire Weekend bandmates for his producing and composing skills.  Every so often Rostam drops a stunning solo track that I can’t get enough of and the latest leak ‘Wood’ is no different.  Drawing more influence from Asian countries than African, ‘Wood’ doesn’t sound just like a Vampire Weekend side-project.  I’m really starting to feel like ‘Wood’ may be the best Vampire Weekend related release since their debut.


One of the greatest perks of Odd Futures explosion in popularity has been the recent collaborations they have done with other established artists.  The most recent and probably my favorite OF crossover is Hodgy’s work with Stonesthrow affiliate Jonti.  ‘Nagoya’ has easily one of the best beats that Hodgy has rapped over and his rapping really matches up to the improvement.  Jonti’s organic and bouncy beat is far away from the synths and drum-claps of most of his MellowHype work, however, Hodgy doesn’t falter.  Stream and download the track below…


Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire’s ‘The Last Huzzah’ is a diss-track drenched in excess and the video is appropriately no different.  On the track eXquire pulled together an amazing posse of some of the biggest underground rappers today.  Both Heems and Kool A.D. drop fantastic verses that trump most of Relax and all the guest spots make the track feel like a nonstop onslaught of greatness.  ‘Protect Ya Neck’ of 2011?


Russia isn’t a country known for it’s indie music scene, so bitterTV came as a total surprise to me.  Based out of White City, Russia, bitterTV is an electronic producer that makes lush, chill-wave beats.  His instrumentals are downtempo, warm and filled with plenty of subtleties that diversify his music from the never ending legion of chill-wavers making beats today.  His recent release, New Season Screen, is a fantastic 4-track listen that shows off some incredible producing talent.  New Season Screen is free over at his bandcamp and you can check out more tracks at his soundcloud (most of the titles are in Russian)…


I was definitely late onto the Pusha T bandwagon having only discovered the Clipse masterpiece Hell Hath No Fury this summer, however, Pusha has since become one of my favorite lyricists.  Having recently collaborated with Kanye and Tyler, The Creator, it seems that Pusha is on track to reestablish himself as one of the best rappers today.  Pusha’s latest track, ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’, takes it’s beat from Jai Paul’s fantastic single ‘BTSTU’ and is an incredible addition to Pusha’s already fantastic 2011 releases.  Despite being a diss-track, ‘Don’t Fuck With Me’ has Pusha exercising a relaxed and controlled flow.  Stream and download the track below…


Out of all of the bands and artists we post on here, I can sincerely say that I don’t get excited for new music from very many artists as much as I do for TV Girl.  Ever since I first heard the San Diego-based duo’s music they had a fantastically unique sound for the indie world and they have been perfecting it ever since.  With their Benny and the Jets EP, they showed their ability to take retro sounds and give them new life that sounds modern without striping them of their nostalgia.  Girls Like Me isn’t based around any one retro artist, but definitely has a strong retro feel to it, and as on all TV Girl songs, has near-perfectly assembled drum tracks that are unmatched.  You can stream the 2-song single below and buy it digitally HERE or pre-order the vinyl HERE.



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