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Daily Archives: 06/24/2011

I just downloaded Shabazz Palaces most recent LP on Sub Pop Records, Black Up, and though I am still ingesting it (and probably will be for the next few weeks), this track is an immediate standout.  Out of all of the incredibly avant-garde tracks on the album, this is probably the easiest to listen to, but is still extremely innovative and unique.  Though most of the other songs on this album sound completely free of any hip-hop influences, this track definitely shows faint similarities Ishmael’s days in Digable Planets.  While almost every other track on Black Up is driven heavily by distorted electronic rhythms, “Are you…” is very melodic, and even has some “Luchini”-esque horn-sounding synths at the end.  If you are looking for some intensely avant-garde music, hip-hop or not, I suggest you listen to Black Up but be warned because it is not for the faint of heart.



It has become increasingly difficult to produce interesting and fresh sounding chill-wave in a blogosphere over-populated with electronic musicians focusing on hazy, warm music.  Despite the challenge, Washed Out has been a consistent chill-wave artist always pumping out solid material.  The latest leak is ‘Amor Fati’, a sun-distorted jam perfect for the summer.  Stream and download below.



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