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Daily Archives: 06/09/2011

Balkans impressed us with their self-titled album that recalled the glory days of indie and garage rock.  Like most of their music, the video for ‘Flowers Everywhere’ isn’t over complicated or trying too hard.  The video features mainly one camera angle of the lead singer… singing the track with some film effects.  The video succeeds with its simplicity and is actually one of the more memorable videos of the year.


If you’ve been following the blog lately you may have noticed that we are fans of rising electronic-artist Beat Culture.  He is planning on releasing an album this August entitled Goldenbacked Weaver and has dropped two singles off of it.  The more recent leak, ‘Hesitate’, features some definite chill-wave influences on top of the dub that Beat Culture generally deals with.  Stream and download below and check out other singles from his soundcloud.


This is a track that I completely missed the first time around, dropping last November, but with a track this good it’s better late than never.  ‘Hope’ is a minimal dub track that impressed me on the first listen.  Everything is very stripped down and repetitive, however, for the 6 minutes Munchi adds subtle touches and flourishes that make it an incredibly stunning and interesting listen.  The track was released on a mix called Blow Your Head Vol. 2, dedicated towards loud and bass-heavy music that might just make your head explode.  While ‘Hope’ may seem out of place with it’s subtlety and experimentation, it’s exactly the kind of electronic that I’m really digging.



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