Album: Bon Iver- Bon Iver

If you haven’t heard, in 2009 some guy recorded some album while alone in the woods of Wisconsin and some people liked it.  Now, that same guy is preparing to release a follow-up self-titled album later this year.  The video above is a 50 second teaser that features some promising sounding music that is sure to hype people for the album.  It is apparent that this release will sound much more professional than the famously self-recorded debut.  Check out the jump for the tracklist.


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Stream: Tyler, The Creator – Tron Cat

Still not so sure morally how I feel about posting this, but I figure everyone is going to see it somewhere else so I might as well post it.  “Tron Cat”, which is not meant to be the next single off of Tyler’s upcoming album Goblin, just leaked.  Tyler says this track was recorded over a year ago, before 99% of his fans knew who he was.  It still has the twisted, fucked up, distorted style that everyone expects from Tyler and I am sure it is going to satisfy a lot of people who have been waiting for this for a long time, including myself.  Goblin has an official release date of May 10th (though it will probably leak in a day or two) and you should definitely pre-order either the normal version, vinyl version, or deluxe edition from Amazon right now.



Video: Shabazz Palaces – Blast It

Sub Pop’s resident hipster-hop group, Shabazz Palaces, is gearing up to release their upcoming album Black Up in June.  To whet our appetites, Sub Pop just let loose this video for the group’s fantastically unique song “Blast It”.  The video is comprised of clips from the upcoming documentary, “Tough Bond”, about children growing up in Kenya and how they cope with the problems in their extremely difficult lives, for which Shabazz Palaces provided the sound track.  I am not sure when the documentary is slated to be released, but you can find out more information about it on its facebook page.


mp3: It is rain in my face- Vine Vine

Matt from It is rain in my face just sent along info that he will be dropping a new EP in June entitled Distant Cues on Denmark Records.  The first taste of that EP is in the form of ‘Vine Vine’ an intense track that builds some great atmosphere and tension.  The track is easily one of the best things I have heard from It is rain in my face and has me pretty excited to hear what the rest of the EP will sound like.  There is a link to preorder the EP below as well as a stream and download of ‘Vine Vine’.

Pre-order: Distant Cues


BADBADNOTGOOD Odd Future Sessions

Every once in a while you see a video that completely blows you away.  This video is one of those.  BADBADNOTGOOD, a jazz trio whom I know nothing about, just made this medley of 3 of the best Odd Future songs, “Bastard” by Tyler, The Creator, “Orange Juice” by Tyler and Earl, and “Assmilk” by Tyler and Earl.  Aside from the three of them being incredible musicians, their cover perfectly captures the mood of each individual song while putting an extremely unique spin on them.  I don’t know what will come of this video or BADBADNOTGOOD, but I’ve listened to this three times already and have no plans of stopping.  Shout out to sports drinks and Mike.


NicX – Hey Love (Unfinished)

NicX is back with a new track.  He starts this one showing off his technical abilities; going rapid-fire right off the bat.  This is still an unfinished version of the track so it only has one verse so far but NicX jams a lot of content into that one verse.  This one is most likely being saved for an upcoming project so no download link this time, but I’m sure NicX has much more to come in the future.


Video: Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix)

First, Gold Panda made the nostalgia-inducing original, then Star Slinger slung them stars on it, and now artists Koala and Lucijan Kranjc have created visuals for the remix.  The video is pretty simple and features different patterns moving to the music being projected on ordinary objects.  Though the concept may seem fairly uninteresting, it is executed perfectly and fits in extremely well with the tracks ambient and atmospheric feel.  Listen to Gold Panda’s entire Marriage EP HERE.