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Daily Archives: 12/27/2010

There were some problems streaming the album on Gorillaz’ website earlier, but now the album is up for stream.  This was recorded mainly on Damon Albarn’s iPod while on tour promoting Gorillaz’ recent album Plastic Beach.  The album is available for free download if you are a member of their fanclub, but for the rest of us it is only available for stream (unless you know how to use google).  Stream the album below via Hypetrak


Now its my turn.  Click the title to see the list.


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Unfortunately Odd Future did not release a Christmas album but fortunately Tyler, The Creator (who you can see above displaying the same deck that I just got for Christmas) released a bunch of tracks.  First off is an updated version of his track “Session” from his incredible debut album Bastard.  The updated version adds a verse from Odd Future member Mike G, and subtracts a verse from ex-Odd Future member/scheming, delusional bitch Brandun DeShay.  Next is an unfinished track that Tyler recorded when preparing to release Bastard entitled “Dem Hoes”.  The Track is only slightly over a minute long, but sounds like the beginning to another anthem.  The production is grimy, dirty, and slimy with lyrics to match and is one of my favorite tracks from Tyler in a while.  Finally the last track “Let’s Dance” is unmixed but was recorded for Odd Future’s mixtape Radical.  The instrumental is provided by James Pants and the rape-themed lyrics are of course provided by Tyler.  This might be my best Christmas present of the year.  Stream and download all three in that order below…


The Jet Age of Tomorrow (AKA The Super 3) of Odd Future is about to release it’s second album Journey To The 5th Echolon.  This is the first single off of the album and is an incredible track.  The Jet Age of Tomorrow’s production is heavily electronic and fiercely experimental.  Throw some Casey Veggies, and Tyler, The Creator verses in and this track has me extremely excited for the album which is sure to be full of space age jams galore.  Stream below…



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