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Daily Archives: 12/16/2010

This is a Tyler, The Creator-produced song off of Casey Veggies’ new mixtape Sleeping In Class.  I’m not the biggest Casey Veggies fan, but historically, whenever he has worked with Tyler, The Creator he has made amazing work.  On The Odd Future Tape Casey and Tyler collaborated for a track called “Back For Another One” amongst others and on Tyler, The Creator’s Bastard, the song “Odd Toddlers” features a Casey Veggies verse.  This time is no different.  Tyler, The Creator’s production has only improved and his verses have gotten infinitely better.  Download Sleeping In Class below, and look out for Odd Future’s Christmas album and Tyler, The Creator’s upcoming album Goblin which is set to be released in January.



Here is the music video for Smith Westerns’ song “Weekend”.  The more I listen to this song, the more I like it.  It brings me back to my days listening to The Libertines and first discovering my interest in music.  Being experimental and trying to create a new sound is always cool, but there is still nothing like a perfect guitar riff.  Smith Westerns’ sophomore album Dye It Blonde on which this track is featured will be available via Fat Possum Records on January 18th, and if they are able to pull off a few more tracks like this, it is going to be incredible.




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