Documentary: Rip! A Remix Manifesto

Yesterday, I viewed the documentary Rip! that focuses on the ongoing musical battle for fair use of sampling and remixing music and the larger issues with copyright in America.  The movie is an incredibly interesting and inspiring film that all fans of music need to go see.  The movie really does raise questions on the validity of American copyright laws and compares them to alternative solutions other counties have taken such as Brazil.  Girl Talk plays a large part in the film and he shares many of his opinions on the issue and his hope for the future that we will treat intellectual properties differently.  A lot of the music I listen to contains samples from other songs or are remixes of songs that I like and I believe that to insure the creativity of the future we must change the current laws on copy right.  In honor of the film’s message below are a bunch of great songs that include sampled or borrowed musical ideas after the jump.  Go watch the movie now!!


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